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It’s an exciting time to be living on this planet! So many things are changing at breathtaking speeds and this means two things: more unpredictability and more opportunities. Take a look at the average global temperature projections from the year 2000 to 2100.
First, the range of possible temperatures increases as the years progress. By the year 2100 we could be looking at anything between 3.8 – 8.0 degrees fahrenheit increase in temperature, which is an incredible amount of uncertainty. Second, out ability to influence the outcome is also increasing. Political reforms, new technologies, a new global consciousness within society – these are all factors that could slow down the rise in temperature – or not.

Scenario Temp Graph


“The future is more unpredictable but also offers more opportunities than ever before. “


This does not only hold true for climate change, but also for the fight against poverty and disease, women’s rights, overpopulation and many other things. We are more in control of our future than ever before, which means we must also bear more responsibility than all of our ancestors.


But is there a lever that we can manipulate to solve all of these problems at the same time? I believe so. That lever is education. Think of change as trying to push one of these stones down the mountain side and causing an avalanche. Education is like letting it rain so that its easier to push stones. If the person pushing is better educated he or she will be more successful at achieving change. It is in education where our future societies are being taught everything they need to know to shape the future. If we improve education we can create better societies and ultimately a better future.



About this blog

After finishing my Masters’ Degree in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at the LMU (Munich) I decided to leave academics and dedicate one year to education. I will hopefully be working in the education sector, and learn as much as I can about the area in my free time.
I came across the word ‘uptrain’ in a recent article by the Huffington Post entitled ‘An A to Z of Noah Webster’s Finest Forgotten Words‘. Uptrain is described as “to educate” — literally ‘to train up.'” This is very fitting since we want to educate ourselves on how to educate others better.
This blog is for everyone who is interested in education. I’ll keep the language simple, give general introductions to more specialized topics (e.g. neuroscience), but I’ll also have more in depth sections to which you can jump and skip the intro if you feel comfortable with the topic. I’ll label it clear.

 The mission of this blog is to answer the following question:

“How can we improve education with the largest possible impact?”

Proper definitions for the words ‘education’, ‘improve’ and ‘impact’ are of course crucial and we will naturally deal with them later. But let me first say a few words about how I will go about to answer this question.

  1. Diverse content: Innovative education concepts, new government laws, latest research findings, news articles, blogs and personal experiences – whatever source of information fits – I’ll use it.
  2. Evidence based: I will backup my arguments with data and clearly label opinions as such. I want to produce good content (that’s the research scientist in me!). This is the only way I can make you trust me!
  3. Structured, labeled, summarized: I’ll label my posts with titles and sub-titles so that you know exactly what the post deals with. Summarizing or aggregating multiple posts into one is rarely done by other bloggers, but definitely worth it. I will do this from time to time.
  4. Creative presentation: I’ll present my content in ways that are entertaining and easy to understand. I have read enough horrible research papers that require 110% mental capacity. Extra effort will go into this.



Final words – I N T E R A C T :

stone age lever


Education is a tough topic because of its complexity. It often requires highly inter and even transdisciplinary teams. Coming back to the analogy of moving stones down the mountain side – education is like a big boulder that can only be moved via team effort.
I need your participation to move those big stones. Yes, its tough, but they are also more likely to cause an avalanche!
Together, we can start to understand education better, see where it’s heading and how we can shape it! SUBSCRIBE via mail (on the top right) to get your weekly posts. FOLLOW this blog or just WRITE ME! I really like getting mail! Bombard me with (1) topics you find interesting (2) thoughts you have about my posts, (3) ideas you want to exchange, (4) further information on the posts’ topic, (5)

In the words of the great Nelson Mandela:
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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