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Bending the Curve – Blog introduction
The future is more uncertain, but also offers more opportunities than ever before. Education is once again trying to revolutionise itself, but no we are still quite unsure how that future will look like.

The Origins of Education – How Formal Education Began
Learn how Napoleon’s victory over the Prussian army led to the first formal education system on the planet. The industrialization resulted in a more educated society and the education system was the catalyst for this first wave of mass education. Today, schools are trying to adapt to new demands set by a globalized world in the information age.

Grades – What They Are and What They Measure 
Grades were intended to be a fair measure of performance. But how fair are they really? And what other side-effects do they cause? Real world examples show that schools can function without grades – often even better than with.

Reaching Universal Primary Education Worldwide
The United Nations Millennium Development Goals have set universal primary education as their goal until 2015. How far have we come and which factors influence our progress? This is discussed within the context of scalability. Can education spread in a similar fashion like Facebook or Twitter?

Feedback – How Effective is it
Looking at large amounts of empirical evidence we take a look at what feedback is and how effective it can be in helping students perform better in school. It turns out, feedback can be one of the most effective things a teacher can do, but it needs to be done right!

Testing – A Powerful Learning Method
Tests have a bad reputation and it’s time to change that. Their effectiveness as a learning tool is tremendous, but students don’t use tests as much as they should. We’ll look at recent scientific studies that compare testing to other learning methods, the neuroscience of memories and forgetting and how testing could be implemented effectively in schools and universities.

Homeschooling – A Good Alternative or Simply Crazy?
Instead of relying on 200 years experience with

Equality is Not Enough – Why We Need Justice in Education.

Foreign Language Education (Part 1 of 3)

Foreign Language Education (Part 2 of 3)

Foreign Language Education (Part 3 of 3)

Why Schools Should Teach Meaning and Purpose

Transforming a Phone Booth Into a Library
Phone booths have quickly become obsolete. They can be repurposed into book-exchange points. This phone booth in Berlin (Charlottenburg) shows how it can be done.

How Germany Plans to Get 250,000 Syrian Refugees Into School
It’s not a question of whether refugees should be allowed to enter Germany, but rather how Germans will handle the integration process. Up to 250,000 refugees will be in need of formal education. This is an early look at how Germany plans to deliver.


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